Mobile Music Lessons Brisbane

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Here are some comments from some of my students and their parents. 

"My son Jake has always demonstrated an interest in learning to play piano. We bought him a piano for his 6th birthday and we were looking for a piano teacher in the local area to teach him. It's great that he gets to learn on the instrument we bought him. It has been about a year now and Jake is still motivated to play. Jake looks forward to his lesson each week." - Janelle, Mother.

"Scott's really awesome. I've learned heaps of cool songs like Star Wars and Simpsons." - Thomas, Student.

"Scott has been helping me to fulfill my childhood dream to learn to play the piano. I am 76 years young and he is very kind and patient with me even when I am a little slow." - Molly, Student.

"Thank you Scott for organising your concerts - My son is very nervous when it comes to public speaking and you have assisted him to face his fears" - Annette, Mother.

"Hi Scott, just wanted to thank you for your kind and caring way with Hudson today. He really looks up to you and sees you as a role model. You did a great job, such an amazing teacher :) " - Katie, Mother.